weekly online offerings

A well rounded mid-week practice that will bring calmness and resilience to body, mind and heart, lower your stress and anxiety, improve your sleep and help you breathe more efficiently.

  • Slow down, stretch and release built up tension.
  • Listen with loving kindness and compassion to what your whole being has to communicate to you.
  • Observe and stay curious as you explore the space between the comfortable and uncomfortable.
  • Connect to the power of your breath and unlock its healing potential.

what can i expect

Each session includes seated breathing exercises, gentle stretching and movement, and around 10-15 minutes reclined pranayama to finish. No special props or previous experience needed.


  • drop in: €11
  • pack of 4: €33
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Times don’t fit your schedule or you prefer a session just for you?

Enjoy class(es) prepared specifically for you or practice together with your loved ones, in person or online. See pricing options here.

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