30 easy self-care tips when life gets too hectic

30 easy self-care tips when life gets too hectic

Is self-care on the menu daily or you tend to forget about it when life gets busy?

If so, you’re not alone. We’re moving so fast nowadays, more and more is expected from us in every area of our life, from bosses at work to family members at home. We get busy, overwhelmed, tense, stressed and it’s usually not until the last moment, until we’ve had absolutely enough, that we allow ourselves to take a break. It happens to me more times than I’d like to admit, that’s why I prepared 30 simple and easy self-care tips that don’t take too much time of your, but might change the whole course of your day and eventually, life.

Yoga teaches us that everything is in a constant flux so listen to your needs and respond accordingly. Know that whatever felt good yesterday may not be what feels good today.

Here are my 30 self-care tips:

1. Breath awareness.
Set aside 5 minutes to just breathe. Close your eyes if it feels good and start to make your inhales deeper and exhales longer.

2. Put legs up the wall.
Minute, two, five or more. Whenever I do this pose, I ask myself why I’m not doing it daily.

3. Self-massage.
Temples. Cheeks. Jaw. Neck. Shoulders. Palms. Calves. Feet. Choose one or do all. If you’re not giving yourself a massage on a daily basis, you’re missing out.

4. Watch a funny movie/ TV show.
Laughter is good for your physical, emotional and mental health. Do more things that make you laugh every day!

5. Go out to nature.
Notice the clouds passing by, listen to birds, hug a tree. Pay more attention to how beautiful Earth is.

6. Move your body.
Do yoga, go for a run, walk, or hike. If you’re short on time, try my 10-minute morning flow.

7. Express gratitude.
Find 1 abstract thing in life you are grateful for. Some examples include: friendship, love, joy, second chances, kindness, surrendering, self expression, peace of mind.

8. Go to sleep early.
One of many benefits of going to sleep early are: better sleep quality, more energy, less stress, healthier heart, etc.

9. Be still.
Take a savasana or a restorative reclined butterfly pose, cover your eyes and allow yourself to be still.

10. Start a compliments list.
Give yourself a compliment first, write it down and then every time someone gives you one, put it on the list so you can read it later when you need a little pick me up.

11. Dance.
Get you juices flowing by putting your favourite music on and dancing like nobody’s watching.

12. Change bed sheets.
Is there really anything better than diving in freshly changed sheets?

13. Give long hugs.
Let them last for at least a couple of breaths. Don’t forget to give one to yourself too.

14. Take a break from your phone.
Unplug from your phone and recharge your batteries.

15. Aromatherapy.
Use essential oils, light a scented candle or your favourite incense and let the soothing aroma wash over you.

16. Pray / meditate.
Sit down, set a timer and focus on your breath for one minute, your thoughts, feelings and sensations for one minute and your whole body for another minute.

17. Make yourself your favourite drink.
Yogi tea, cocoa, hot chocolate, wine. cocktail. Whatever it is, treat yourself.

18. Take a nap.
A little goes a long way. Just ten to twenty minutes can help regain your energy.

19. Do a mini declutter.
Clean your work or creative space. You’ll be more efficient or creative when it’s tidied up nicely. Maybe do one in your closet too. Donate 3 pieces of clothing that you haven’t worn in a long time.

20. Read.
Instead of picking up your phone in the evening, pick up a book. Bonus points if it’s a book on self-care.

21. Give yourself permission to say NO.
No to anything that takes away your energy. No without explaining yourself and feeling guilty.

22. Connect with nature.
Lie down on the ground and let Earth recharge you. Literally feel the ground beneath holding and supporting you.

23. Do whatever makes your heart sing.
Yoga, walking, painting, gardening, baking, dancing or doing absolutely nothing. Whatever it is, let your heart sing the happiest songs of all.

24. Ask for help or cry if you need to.
Allow yourself to cry, feel whatever you’re feeling and ask for help if you need to. There’s no shame in asking for help. It’s a sign of strength not weakness.

25. Play games with family or friends.
Spending time together is a great way to reconnect, laugh and simply have fun!

26. Home Spa.
Take a long shower or a bath, a foot bath, treat yourself with a face mask, a body scrub or even a full body oil body massage!

27. Forgive and let go.
Don’t hold on to anger and resentment. Free yourself by turning negative past experiences into valuable lessons.

28. Help someone.
Brighten your day by helping someone else. Check-in on your elderly neighbour, donate food, clothes, money. Small acts of kindness can make someone day and yours too. Win – win.

29. Prepare your favourite meal.
Not because you have too, but because you enjoy preparing food that nourishes your body and soul. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert only. Don’t forget to add some love to it.

30. Start a healthy habit. Maybe it’s a 5-minute meditation, pranayama or yoga first thing in the morning, adding one healthy meal a day, flossing before brushing your teeth, committing to a daily walk or putting away your phone an hour before sleep – the options are endless. Need some help with creating healthy habits that work and you’ll actually want to stick with them? Check my post on 5 simple steps to creating healthy habits.

Now that you have lots of nice self-care tools in your toolbox, schedule self-care time daily and don’t let anything get in the way! You owe yourself this time. Make it count.

Who knows, perhaps with time and consistent practice, you won’t let yourself slip into that crazy busy hectic life again.

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